Flag & Anthem Celebration

Flag & Anthem Celebration

Come and experience a fun-filled day of food, music and local celebration at Paseo Herencia.

Cultural Activities

Live Cultural Show

Families and guests of all ages are invited to experience the rich cultural heritage of Aruba during our National Anthem & Flag Day event. Join us for an unforgettable evening of local singing and dance, featuring captivating performances by the winners of various Cultural competitions, starting at 7 PM and followed by the Cultural Watershow on the music of the Legendary Padu del Caribe at 8:30pm.

Local Rum Tasting

Try 5 different types of rums for only $10 at Sexy Shrimps bar located next to ALDO.

Local Music Entertainment

Experience a local instrument called “Kaha di Orgel”, known as a cylinder piano, located at the mall entrance next to Maggy’s.

Kids Painting Corner

Kids can enjoy some fun coloring time at the Aruba Artist Gallery. The gallery is located near the mall entrance next to King Churro’s from 6pm to 10pm.

Taste of Aruba

Drunks Denial

Cashew Cake & Rum Cake.

Cashew Cake, or “Bolo di Cashupete,” is a traditional Aruban dessert made from the cashew nuts that grow abundantly on the island.
Rum Cake is a delicious cake infused with rum, a popular dessert on the island especially during holidays

The Hot Box

Aruban Box & fried funchi
Did you hear about pastechi and kroket? Pass by the Hotbox and ask for your Aruban box with all the local favorites.

Sexy Shrimp

Shrimp Pastechi

Pastechi is a traditional Aruban snack, consisting of deep-fried, crescent-shaped dough now with a twist of Shrimp filling.

TGI Fridays

Quesillo Dessert

Quesillo is Aruba’s version of what is known in the US as ‘flan’. Pair your favorite Fridays meal with this delicious dessert. 

March 18 Specials


20% OFF on the entire Aruba Rocks collection.

Beach N′ Flips

Buy 1 classic Crocs and get a Free Aruba jibbitz.

Carmen Steffens

30%-50% OFF on selected items

Airsoft Experience

Local Special: glock + rifle combo 170 shots for only $25


Enjoy $ to AWG special on the entire menu on this holiday.

TGI Fridays

Wingman Burger Special

Char-grilled beef patty, Beer cheese sauce, Jalapeños & pickles, Guacamole, onions, tomato, & lettuce, Buffalo wing skewer and a side of fries for only AWG 20 on March 18th.

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