(New) Weekly Cultural Nights

Step into the vibrant spirit of Aruba’s Culture every Wednesday at Paseo Herencia!

Immerse yourself with Local Snacks, Drinks and Live Cultural Entertainment.

Taste of Aruba

Savor Authentic Aruban Flavors Every Wednesday!

The Hot Box

Aruban Box and Fried Funchi

Did you hear about pastechi and kroket? Pass by the Hotbox and ask for your Aruban box with all the local favorites snacks.
Funchi is a popular side dish on the island, fry it and add cheese it turns in the perfect snack.

Sexy Shrimp

Shrimp Pastechi

Pastechi is a traditional Aruban snack, consisting of deep-fried, crescent-shaped dough now with a twist of Shrimp filling.

Drunks Denial

Cashew Cake & Rum Cake

Cashew Cake, or “Bolo di Cashupete,” is a traditional Aruban dessert made from the cashew nuts that grow abundantly on the island.
Rum Cake is a delicious cake infused with rum, a popular dessert on the island especially during holidays.

TGI Fridays

Criollo Shrimp

Fridays Shrimp served with Fried Funchi and Criollo sauce

Che Bar

Aruba Ariba Special

Aruba Ariba is a cocktail that originated in Aruba and is considered the Aruban version of the Caribbean rum punch.

Local Food & Drink Roadmap