Alhydran – Best Skin Care available at Aruba Aloe

Looking for an aftercare hydrating medical treatment for your sensitive skin? Check out the Alhydran Care brand from Aruba Aloe that is freshly processed with its main ingredient, aloe vera. Keep reading to learn more!

About Alhydran Care

Alhydran is a concentrated medical cream for the treatment and hydration of vulnerable skin immediately after wound closure. Suitable for the aftercare of scars, (sun)burns, dry, painful, and red skin. It helps to prevent scar formation and reduces itching and redness.

This cream contains a high percentage of pure Aloe Vera gel, Jojoba oil, vitamin E and vitamin C. Alhydran is skin-friendly, paraben-free, fragrance-free, clinically proven and not tested on animals.

It is successfully used in plastic and reconstructive surgery at burn centers and hospitals in the after-care of burn patients. Use Alhydran to prevent and treat scars after laser therapy, radiation therapy, peeling, acne, burns, and other dermatological treatments.

How to use Alhydran?

Follow this easy 3 step guide:

  1. Apply a thin, even layer of cream
  2. Use it 3 times a day
  3. ALHYDRAN may be used without limitation (for years, if required)