Instagrammable Calendar @ Paseo


The Beauty of Aruba Project

Paseo Herencia is a proud sponsor of this Aruban calendar project by Federico Cabello promoting Aruba’s vibrant sceneries accompanied by the influential beauties of Aruba. A highlight for back home sharing all types of beauties found in Aruba while supporting the local models. We would like to thank our participating stores Sunset Shack and Maggy’s for their beachwear collection and hair & makeup.



Project by Federico Cabello

Federico Cabello is the photographer and creator of this project. He has authored four books of photography on the raw natural beauty of Los Roques Archipelago in Venezuela. He is also the author of the series of books he names “Point to Point”, which is dedicated to capturing the stunning landscapes and intricate details of various locations in the Caribbean. The series began with – Bonaire Point to Point – which explores each of Bonaire’s 90 official dive sites, both above and below the waves and continue with – Aruba Point to Point – to discover its wild and undeveloped beauty. Now he has continued with the creation of the ‘Aruba Ta Hot’ Calendar for 2022.

Hair & Make up by Maggy’s

Meet the Certified Dior Beauty Consultant at Maggy’s, Pierre Thielman, who accentuated all the model’s beauty during the calendar photoshoot. The focus was to highlight their natural beauty while protecting their skin with high quality products. Want to look as fabulous as these models? Book your appointment at Maggy’s today at 529 2118 for your special event or gathering. Private makeup lessons also available.

Maggy’s offers you a wide range of cosmetics and beauty services ranging from Mani & Pedi, hair styling, massages, facials and more. The beauty salon is located inside of Maggy’s on the second floor, overlooking the Paseo Herencia plaza and water show.

Beachwear Glam by Sunset Shack

Catch a glimpse of Sunset Shack’s beachwear collection in the ‘Aruba ta Hot’ calendar. Each model chose their favorite pair that they felt most comfortable and confident in while highlighting the Aruban sceneries. Visit their store to find your perfect pair with their personal assistance. Sunset Shack offers stylish Swimwear topped with their trendy beach wear collection available for all sizes. Find a wide range of bikini styles: high waist, full pieces, two pieces, off the shoulder, reversible and many more styles in their boutique. Living in a tropical climate, these outfits can be worn as an every day look as well. A combination of comfort and stylish Island lifestyle. They also offer locally made jewelry to compliment these outfits while supporting our local artists.  When visiting Paseo Herencia don’t forget to stop by the Sunset Shack boutique located next to TGI Fridays and ALDO.

The Beautiful Models

We would like to thank all 13 models for participating in this project:

  1. Carolina Britten de Souza
  2. Monica Sanchez
  3. Vasilena Ivanova
  4. Dessa Giel
  5. Italica Spitaleri
  6. Helen Garcia
  7. Stephanie Bautista
  8. Dana Garcia
  9. Barbara Canales
  10. Tania Nunes
  11. Maxime Fraser
  12. Shekainah  Daal Gomez
  13. Jeanique de Palm

Purchase yours today!

Get yours for only $10 at the following stores: Sunset Shack, Maggy’s or the Aruba Artist Gallery.