WIN Free movies for 1 year

WIN Free movies for 1 year

Cinemas Club, Caribbean Cinemas’ Loyalty Program will give away a Courtesy Pass valid for one year of free movies. Raffle will take place on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 among all existing and new members.

Cinemas Club rewards the fidelity of Caribbean Cinemas’ clients. On each visit, client will accumulate 1 point per 2.00 AWG spent at ticket booth, concession or online purchases. Accumulated points may be redeemed for discounts in movie tickets, free concession items, among other prizes.

Loyalty Program is free, and anyone older than 16 years of age can join by accessing cinemasclub.com/aw

For more information about upcoming promotions, visit Caribbean Cinemas Aruba on Instagram and Facebook or caribbeancinemas.com