Young & Talented Artist @Paseo

Sunset Mural by Tristan Faro

Art is the journey of discovery.

Paseo Herencia proudly presents the newest artist addition to the Paseo Mural Art Project: Tristan Faro.

His artistic skills have been recognized and further challenged during this creative journey. 

Discovering Tristan Faro

The recently discovered 16- year old artist ‘Tristan Faro’ was found in the Paseo Herencia plaza creating beautiful landscapes on the “What’s on your mind” chalkboard. The paintings caught the attention of the Mall Management and were curious as to who was creating the lovely paintings.

About the Mural Artist

Tristan is a humble and friendly young man currently studying at EPI in the health sector. In his spare time he likes to draw and invests in his realistic drawing skills. You can see more of his creations on his Instagram page. When approached by Paseo Herencia for the project opportunity, he was highly interested and delivered a sketch that Paseo immediately loved.

Paseo Mural Art Project

Paseo Herencia started in 2019 with the Paseo Mural Art Project to recruit local artists to showcase their creativity around the mall. Tourists pass by everyday to take pictures at these fascinating mural creations. Jessica Abbath was the first artist to create a mural design in the Paseo parking garage, 2nd floor followed by the main bleachers area. Sandra van der Linde also known for her great wall painting skills has created two interactive wings on the Pandora mural. Now Paseo Herencia introduces Tristan as the youngest artist to create a mural design on the Beach N Flips wall.

This is the first time Tristan has done a large-scale mural project; together with his long time friend ‘Josmar Rasmijn’.  For about a month you could see them working passionately over this creation.


Paseo Herencia is honored to be part of their journey and is proud of their hard work, skills and passion towards this project.

Let’s support these local artists by taking a picture using the hashtag #paseomuralart on Instagram. Look for them in the Paseo parking garage next to the Beach n Flips store.